Home Quiz Netflix Quiz: Brace Yourself for the Mind-Blowing “The Queen’s Gambit”!

Netflix Quiz: Brace Yourself for the Mind-Blowing “The Queen’s Gambit”!

Netflix Quiz: Brace Yourself for the Mind-Blowing

Welcome to the Quiz! If you’re a fan of riveting storytelling and strategic maneuvers, this is for you. Brush up on your knowledge for The Queen’s Gambit – a series that explores not only the game of but also the game of life. Are you ready for this challenge?

Who is the author of the novel The Queen’s Gambit that the Netflix series is based on?
J.K. Rowling
George R.R. Martin
What is the name of the main character in The Queen’s Gambit?
In which year was The Queen’s Gambit released on Netflix?
What game is the central element in The Queen’s Gambit?
The Queen’s Gambit is set primarily in which US state?
New York
How many episodes does The Queen’s Gambit have?

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Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit Overview

As a captivating mini-series, Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit has taken the world of streaming entertainment by storm. The plot centers around Beth Harmon, a young prodigy navigating the male-dominated world of competitive chess during the era. The series offers a deep dive into Beth’s life, exploring her personal struggles and ascent to fame.

Character and Plot Insights

  • Elizabeth ‘Beth’ Harmon, an orphan turned played by .
  • The series explores themes of addiction and mental health as Beth battles her dependency on tranquilizers.
  • The narrative takes us through the 60s era, capturing the geopolitical tension of the Cold War.
  • A strong supporting cast that brings depth to the storyline with memorable performances.
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Getting Ready for The Queen’s Gambit Quiz

Before you embark on the Netflix Quiz, ensure you’re well-versed with the series’ details. Pay attention to Beth’s journey, her key chess matches, and the impact of her personal life on her career. Understanding the supporting characters and their relationship with Beth will also play an integral role in acing the quiz. Happy quizzing!


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