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Marvel Quiz: Test Your Avengers Animated Film Knowledge and See if You’re as Sharp as Ebony Maw’s Sword!

Marvel Quiz: Test Your Avengers Animated Film Knowledge and See if You're as Sharp as Ebony Maw's Sword!

Welcome to the Marvel Quiz! Test your knowledge on the Avengers in animated films. Are you as clever as Tony Stark, or is your knowledge as sharp as ’s Sword? Dive into the world of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and find out how much you really know. Good luck, true believer!

Who is the leader of the Avengers in the animated film Avengers Assemble?
Iron Man
Black Widow
In the film , who does battle against?
Iron Man
Captain America
What is the name of the team that forms in the animated series Ultimate Spider-Man?
The Spectacular Team
Web Warriors
The Spider Friends
The Sinister Six
In Avengers: Infinity War, which Avenger does Ebony Maw kidnap?
Iron Man
Black Widow
What is the real name of the character Vision in the Marvel Animated Universe?
Tony Stark
Bruce Banner
Victor Shade
Steve Rogers
In the Big Hero 6 animated series, who is the leader of the team?
Hiro Hamada
Tadashi Hamada

Are You an Avengers Animated Films Expert?

There’s no doubt that the Avengers have taken the world by storm, not just in live-action but also in animated films. These animated renditions give us an alternative look at our favorite superheroes, often shedding new light on their characters and powers. With alternate storylines, expanded universes, and unexpected team-ups, Avengers animated films have a unique charm of their own.

From Iron Man to Black Panther

From the resilient Iron Man, the mighty Thor, the absolute powerhouse that is the Hulk, the tactical genius Black Widow, to the legendary Black Panther, each character brings something unique to the table. They’ve battled all sorts of foes from across the galaxy, showcasing their unparalleled skills and camaraderie. But how well do you know these animated versions of the iconic Avengers?

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Test Your Knowledge

  • Do you remember the plot twists and turns in the Ultimate Avengers series?
  • Can you name the villain who gave the Avengers a tough time in Avengers Assemble?
  • Do you recollect the cameos that surprised you during ?
  • Can you recall the Avengers’ unexpected alliances from The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?

Think You’re as Sharp as Ebony Maw’s Sword?

Ebony Maw, member of ’ Black Order, is known for his razor-sharp sword, but more than that for his exceptional intellect and cunning. His knowledge of the universe is vast, much like your knowledge of the Avengers in animated films should be, to ace this quiz!

Get Ready for the Challenge

So, if you think you’re as sharp as Ebony Maw’s sword when it comes to Avengers animated films, this quiz is for you. It’s time to prove that your knowledge of the Avengers is as infinite as the Marvel Universe itself!

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