Home Quiz Dragon Ball Quiz: Challenge Your Knowledge of Dragon Ball’s Diverse Combat Schools!

Dragon Ball Quiz: Challenge Your Knowledge of Dragon Ball’s Diverse Combat Schools!

Dragon Ball Quiz: Challenge Your Knowledge of Dragon Ball's Diverse Combat Schools!

Welcome to our Ball Quiz! As a fan of this legendary , you’ll dive into the exciting world of combat schools. Test your prowess on the intricate knowledge of ’s Turtle School, Tien’s Crane School, or even the enigmatic Demon Clan. Ready to become the ultimate master?

What is the combat school Goku is trained in by ?
Turtle School
Crane School
Red Ribbon Army
Saiyan Royal Family
Which combat school is Tien Shinhan a part of?
Satan City School
Turtle School
Crane School
Red Ribbon Army
What is the principle of the Turtle School combat style?
Focus on physical strength and endurance
Use of weapons
Stealth and deception
Use of evil energy
What is the signature move of the Crane School?
Final Flash
Who is the founder of the Turtle School?
Master Shen
King Kai
Master Roshi
Dr. Brief
What is the ultimate teaching of the Turtle School?
To use power only for good
To strive for world domination
To achieve immortality
To become the strongest in the universe

Understanding Dragon Ball’s Combat Schools

Dragon Ball, the iconic anime and series by , has given us a fascinating universe filled with numerous martial arts schools. Each of these schools represents a different combat philosophy and set of techniques.

Son Goku’s Schools

  • Turtle School: This school, led by the wise Master Roshi, focuses on balance and endurance. Goku and are notable students.
  • King Kai’s School: Trained by King Kai himself, Goku learned techniques such as the Spirit Bomb and the Kaioken.

Other Notable Schools

  • Crane School: A direct rival to the Turtle School. This school focuses more on precision and deadly strikes. The notorious assassin, Mercenary Tao, and Tien Shinhan are its most notable students.
  • God’s School: Goku also received training under and Kami, learning advanced techniques like the Evil Containment Wave.
  • Saiyan Warrior Race: While not a school in a traditional sense, it’s worth mentioning the combat style of Saiyans like Vegeta, who focus on raw strength and relentless aggression.
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These are just a few of the prominent combat schools presented in the Dragon Ball universe. Each holds its strengths and philosophies, allowing the characters to grow and adapt. Whether you’re a Turtle School supporter or a Crane School enthusiast, one thing is certain – the martial arts in Dragon Ball always make for a captivating watch.

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