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Dragon Ball Quiz: Challenge Your Dragon Ball Dubbing Knowledge and Put it to the Ultimate Test!

Dragon Ball Quiz: Challenge Your Dragon Ball Dubbing Knowledge and Put it to the Ultimate Test!

Welcome to the Ball Quiz! Prepare to test your knowledge of the dubbing. This quiz will challenge your familiarity with the voices behind your favorite characters and the translation process that brings the series to life in English. Are you ready to dive deep into the fascinating world of anime dubbing?

Who provided the English voice for Goku in the original dub of Dragon Ball Z?
Sean Schemmel
Ian Corlett
Which character was voiced by two different actors in the English dub of Dragon Ball Z?
What is the name of the company that first dubbed Dragon Ball into English?
Viz Media
Ocean Group
Who voiced Frieza in the original English dub of Dragon Ball Z?
Linda Young
Brian Drummond
Monica Rial
What was the original language of Dragon Ball?
What is the name of the process where a foreign language anime is translated and voiced in English?

Test Your Dragon Ball Dubbing Knowledge

If you’re a fan of the wildly popular Dragon Ball series, you know that a significant part of its appeal lies in its fantastic voice dubbing. From original Japanese to many other languages, the art of dubbing plays a crucial role in the success of Dragon Ball worldwide. How well do you think you know about the process and the people behind these iconic voices?

A Brief Overview of Dragon Ball Dubbing

The Dragon Ball series, created by Akira Toriyama, first hit the airwaves in Japan in 1986. With its powerful storytelling and vibrant animation, it soon became a sensation, leading to its dubbing and distribution in many different languages across the globe.

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Dragon Ball’s dubbing journey began with its introduction to American audiences in 1995 through Funimation. The company would later become well-known for its voice casting, breathing new life into beloved characters like Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and many more.

Notable Voice Actors

The voice actors behind Dragon Ball’s characters are integral to the series’ success. The original Japanese cast boasts talents like (Goku) and (Bulma). The English dub is perhaps best known for the performances of Sean Schemmel (Goku) and Christopher Sabat (Vegeta).

Test Your Knowledge of Dragon Ball Dubbing

How well do you know about the process and people behind Dragon Ball’s dubbing? Put your knowledge to the test with our quiz below!

  • Who were the original voice actors for Goku and Vegeta in the Japanese version?
  • In which year did Funimation first introduce the Dragon Ball series to American audiences?
  • Which voice actor is known for dubbing Goku in English?
  • Can you name other languages in which the Dragon Ball series has been dubbed?

If you are a true Dragon Ball fan, tackling this quiz should be a fun and rewarding challenge. Good luck!

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