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Disney Quiz: Unleash your knowledge of “Encanto” and be swept away by the enchantment!

Disney Quiz: Unleash your knowledge of

Welcome to our exciting Disney Quiz! Are you a true fan and think you know all about Disney’s latest hit, ? From the magical Madrigal family to the vibrant village, it’s time to challenge your knowledge and discover if you’ve truly paid attention to the enchanting details of this film. Good luck!

What is the name of the magical house in Encanto?
Villa Encanto
La Casa Mágica
Who is the protagonist of Encanto?
What is Isabela’s gift in Encanto?
She can make flowers bloom.
She can talk to animals.
She can control weather.
She is super strong.
What is the magical gift of Luisa, Mirabel’s sister, in Encanto?
She can heal others.
She has super strength.
She can make things disappear.
She can foresee the future.
Where is the setting of Encanto?
Who is the character that foresees the future in Encanto?

Overview of Disney’s Encanto

Encanto is the latest animated feature from Disney, which brings to life a tale of magic, family, and discovering one’s unique abilities. The story is set in a charmed place known as the Madrigal household, located in the beautiful, scenic mountains of Colombia.

Characters and Plot

The film revolves around the Madrigal family, each member having a unique magical ability, with the exception of Mirabel, who is considered the ‘ordinary’ member of the family. However, when the magic within her family’s home starts to fade, Mirabel takes it upon herself to save it.

  • : The story’s protagonist, Mirabel is the only member of the family who did not receive a magical gift.
  • Abuela Alma Madrigal: The matriarch of the Madrigal family, Abuela Alma is a firm believer in maintaining traditions and upholding the family’s magical legacy.
  • : Mirabel’s perfect older sister, Isabela can make flowers bloom wherever she walks.
  • Luisa Madrigal: Mirabel’s other sister, Luisa is gifted with incredible strength.
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Unique Elements in Encanto

Encanto stands out due to its vibrant visual design, inspired by the culture and . Another highlight is the film’s soundtrack, with songs written by , the genius behind Hamilton and Moana.


Encanto is a heartwarming tale about family, self-discovery, and acceptance, served with a healthy dose of magic and music. As you dive into this quiz, you will not only test your knowledge but also appreciate the depth of this film even more.

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