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Benjamin Carter from Don’t Hate the Player (Netflix) : His cry for help!!!


In the often unforgiving world of television entertainment, the line between reality and fiction can become blurred, or even nonexistent. Benjamin Carter, a contestant on the series “Don't Hate the Player” airing on since April 17, 2024, has learned this the hard way. Since the airing of the first four episodes, his has spiraled into unexpected turmoil.

Confrontations and Repercussions

Benjamin, known for his effective strategies and frank talk, especially in his confrontations with Olivanie, another participant, has seen his popularity turn against him in a way he never anticipated.

I receive hate messages and threats on social media, and even in the streets, every day, he shares, marked by the intensity of these reactions. The anxiety for the safety of his loved ones, especially his elderly , haunts him daily.

Respect for Favorites (Don't Hate the Player)

In this competitive world, it is normal for the audience to have favorites, but Benjamin respects all those who support Olivanie, thus describing the game:

It's a game, it's normal for people to have favorites and I respect all viewers who root for Olivanie, who is an incredible competitor that I had the opportunity to face in this game.

Accusations and Misunderstandings

However, the turn of events has taken on a more sinister aspect. Benjamin is unfairly accused of racism, a situation he describes as a complete misunderstanding:

There is nothing worse than being treated or accused of something one is not guilty of. I myself am from immigrant parents.

“I am living through ,” he confides emotionally.

Impact and Call for Understanding

His career as a DJ is also suffering the repercussions of this controversy. Tour dates have been canceled, leading to severe financial consequences for him. Through a poignant appeal, he asks above all for understanding:

I ask all viewers not to forget that this is a game, and in no way would the production have validated or endorsed racist candidates!

Denunciation of the Impact of Social Media

Denouncing the destructive impact of social media, Benjamin expresses his incomprehension at the irresponsible attitude of Aqababe:

We all know the reach of words and the consequences of social media that can destroy a life. I do not understand how Aqababe has not measured this.


Appeal to Olivanie to Restore the

In the midst of this turmoil, Benjamin turns to Olivanie, hoping she can intervene to restore the truth about these unfounded accusations:

This is a plea for help to Olivanie that I make. No one can better than her intervene to help me and refute all these accusations of racism. She knows me, and we have had an incredible experience. With her intervention, I could regain a semblance of a normal life without and daily .

He also criticizes Aquababe for his hasty conclusions, highlighting the easy entrapment of social networks and judgments without basis:

Aquababe draws hasty conclusions about me without even knowing me and without measuring any consequences. It's easy to accuse someone while sitting on a couch in front of a screen as he does. But we forget the very of the program, which is entertainment and a game.

Benjamin also recalls the potentially life-saving role that Olivanie could play, thanks to her notoriety and understanding of the nuances of communication:

Olivanie is a professional YouTuber; she knows the nuances of communication and its impact. Even before ‘Don't Hate the Player', she had a strong following her on her networks (over 100k); she could convey a strong message for me to protect me. She can confirm that during the filming and even afterward she never suffered any racist remarks from me. Ask her!


We await the response or reaction from Olivanie, the situation of Benjamin continues to remind us how crucial it is to maintain a clear line between mediated entertainment and the reality of the individuals who participate in it as well as the impact of social media.

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